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Pampered Pregnancy Website

The Pampered Pregnancy website for CarePoint Health was one of the first websites I built when I began working at Hailey Sault. There was an existing website, but it was clunky, missing images, full of errors, and a very unfriendly Joomla CMS which made it difficult to change anything. Thus, they wanted a whole new website from scratch.

The client made 2 important requests: build a responsive mobile-friendly website, and create a fully functioning event calendar with registrations. The rest was up to us, so you could say this was a perfect client project (one that makes a few requests and leaves the rest of the decisions up to the agency).

The Pampered Pregnancy program at CarePoint had numerous events, daily, that needed class signups, and email notifications. After quite a bit of research, I decided to go with The Events Calendar, by Modern Tribe,¬†which¬†turned out to be a great decision. After adding all the custom CSS I wanted in order to fit the identity we created, the client was thrilled with the setup. The website captured the identity they were going for, was completely responsive, contained beautiful imagery, and the calendar hit a home run out of the park. One of their favorite extra features they didn’t ask for was that I added a feature that let users have the ability export all the events into a spreadsheet, or add them to their Google calendars if they wanted.

The website is still live now, but they don’t have the same classes they used to, so we have since removed the calendar, which is why I included more screenshots of that below.

Here is a full view of the calendar. I added a filter on the left for users to filter through the 3 hospitals, specific classes, and the time of day the classes were offered.

Here are screenshots of each event, including the registration form, and more details about the venue at the bottom.